Recently I hosted one of my 4.0 application which is using MySQL as backend and I decided to use MySQL .NET connector to access the MySQL server. I hosted one of the local server and its works fine but i got some consistency issues with my local server and decided to shift my application to GoDaddy which they ensure our application will be 24 X 7 inactive.

I moved the application successfully but when I try to run the application through the browser I cannot able to connect to the database when I dig into the issue through my logs I came to know that GoDaddy doesn’t support MySQL .NET connector DLL because GoDaddy will run only components and application which are Fully Trusted. When I read the blogs regarding this DLL I came to know Oracle has built this component as partial trusted (medium trust) which means I cannot use anymore with my application to host in GoDaddy. But here I have 2 options

  1. Need to place my MySql .Net connector component to the GAC of GoDaddy server.
  2. Need to remove using MySql .Net connector component in my application.

In the above options, option-1 GoDaddy doesn’t allow me to do so. Now I have only option-2, I removed code related to MySql .Net connector component and removed the reference to it and I try to connect mySQL database through ODBC (Object Database Connector). Which I successfully implemented in my application and working fine on my local computer and I updated the same over the hosting server (in my case GoDaddy), Interestingly still i am unable to connect to the Database, Now when I log my application to find the root cause of the issue, following are the error it’s throwing:

Request for the permission of type ‘System.Data.Odbc.OdbcPermission, System.Data, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089’ failed.

OOPS, I realized that GoDaddy also needs my application to be fully trusted which I need to configure in my application via. web.config in System.web section as shown below:

<trust level="Full"/>


Once I changed this and made my application fully trusted with this simple configuration change, My Application working like a charm.

The reason behind on writing this post is, I worked nearly 5 hrs to fix this issue and I cannot find any direct help from any blogs so I decided to keep this information on my blog to make others time save.

Thank You,

Happy Coding…..